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Millions of Americans struggle with hearing loss – including about 1 in 8 people age 12 and older. Diagnostic testing, and professional fitting with hearing aids when appropriate, can make a huge difference in your quality of life.

Perhaps you’ve been unhappy with other hearing tests and devices you’ve tried. But you are missing out on a lot if you’re not hearing well.

Various conditions or experiences can cause hearing loss. Regardless of cause, your first step toward a solution is a complete examination.

Various conditions or experiences can cause hearing loss. Regardless of cause, your first step toward a solution is a complete examination. Our specialists will determine the extent of your hearing loss through a series of exams. None of the tests are painful or intrusive. The process includes gathering information about your hearing history, using specialized tools to identify problem areas, and evaluating your speech.

Then you’ll get a helpful consultation to learn about the test results and discuss the best methods of treatment.

If hearing loss is a problem for you or a loved one, Doctors Care is here to help. We can set up an appointment for you in minutes and get you on the path to better hearing — and better overall health!

What’s included?

01. Comprehensive hearing exam – FREE* with the purchase of any hearing device.

This includes a thorough diagnostic exam, a report of the findings that you can take with you and a recommended treatment plan.

*If the device is purchased in the same calendar year as diagnostic hearing exam performed at any of our hearing center locations.

What’s included?

02. Follow-up appointments for professional fitting and fine-tuning.

Customized for your ears and needs, the fitting and tuning ensures your hearing device is tuned to perfection and delivers the most comfortable fit available.

What’s included?

03. FREE year’s worth of batteries for your devices.

We include a year’s worth of batteries with every purchase so that you don’t have to slow down – or pay out of pocket for that expense.

Why should you choose
Doctors Care Hearing Services?

Easy and Fast

Your 60-minute assessment includes a review of your results and a recommended plan forward.

Best Pricing

We provide discounts of 30-60 percent off average retail prices of hearing aid devices – which means hundreds or even thousands of dollars in savings. Compare our price to any other retailer – we’ll match it or beat it!


Consultations, fittings, fine-tuning, batteries, cleaning and maintenance of devices are included in our full-service program. We offer a wide variety of styles from leading manufacturers to fit your needs and budget. And we have service locations all over the state.


Doctors Care was founded in Columbia, S.C., more than 36 years ago. Our local hearing professionals consider it an honor to care for patients in their own community, and value a long-term relationship with you and your loved ones.

Employer Hearing Screenings

Doctors Care Hearing Services also offers hearing screenings and education to you and your employees.

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It's more important than you may think.

Hearing loss can lead to many negative physical, mental and emotional health issues that impact quality of life and longevity.

The longer hearing loss is untreated, the more likely patients could develop:

  • Strained family relationships
  • Diminished social skills and self-esteem
  • Clinical isolation, depression
  • Onset dementia
  • Balance issues, tinnitus
  • Cognitive decline

Still not convinced?


30%-40% of patients with hearing loss have faster decline in cognitive ability


80% percent of people with hearing loss who could benefit from a hearing aid do not wear one.


On average, hearing aid users wait seven to 10 years after their initial diagnosis before being fitted with hearing aids.

Sources: Johns Hopkins Medicine, National Information Center on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, National Institutes of Health, National Council on Aging, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the MarkeTrak VIII Study by Sergei Kochkin, Ph.D., and

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