Doctors Care has been proactively navigating the coronavirus pandemic since its start, taking into consideration the affect it will have on our communities and world-at-large.

Our primary goal during this unprecedented time is to make sure our staff and patients are protected from inadvertent transmission of the diseases, and can receive care in a safe environment.

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We’ve continually worked to strengthen our patient-centered protection protocols and have taken extra precautions around stringent, in-center disinfection and physical distancing measures.

Doctors Care is here for you.

We’re taking extra steps to keep you safe. Here’s how:

  • Physical distancing measures.
    Extra space is provided between lobby seating, proper signage on floors and walls indicating appropriate distancing, and cough-guards can be found at receptionist stations.Online check-in also provides patients a way to remain at home or elsewhere while you wait for your turn to come into the center – further limiting your time in our centers and around other people. This is not only convenient – but safer!
  • Increased cleaning and deep sanitizing.
    All patient waiting rooms, exam rooms and other care areas are sanitized frequently according to the standards set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and extra attention is given to any surface or material that has come into contact with any person whether patient or staff. We use HEPA grade air filters in our centers to support appropriate air filtration and circulation, exchanging all air with fresh air on an hourly basis.  CDC disinfecting information
  • Limiting patient companions.
    We are limiting patient guests to only essential or medically necessary companions; this is to protect your companions, our staff and other patients.
  • Protective Face Covering Policies
    Clinic staff are required to wear a mask, and will ask patients and their companions to also wear a mask or face covering. Patients are asked not to remove their face coverings unless requested to do so by the attending provider.

Online Check-in

Limit exposure to others and wait from the comfort of your home.
We’ll text you when it’s time to come to the center.

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Can’t come to a center to be seen at this time? Doctors Care Anywhere, our virtual urgent care service, allows you to see an expert provider straight from your iOS or Android mobile device or personal computer browser. This is the only way you can be referred into a testing site for diagnostic testing, as we do not conduct diagnostic testing inside our regular centers.

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