Does Doctors Care accept most insurance plans?

Most major insurance plans are accepted at all Doctors Care locations. We will also file your claim for you. However, any co-pays, deductibles or non-covered services must be paid at the time you receive services. We also accept cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover card.

What services are available?

We treat just about everything from fractures to rashes. Doctors Care also treats lacerations, injuries, infections, flu, pneumonia and many other health concerns. And we perform pre-employment physicals and drug screens. We offer many services for patients and employers that are not available in many private practices. These include X-rays, blood counts, pregnancy tests, rapid strep tests and drug screening.

Do I need an appointment?

No. Just walk in to the office most convenient to you.

How long will I have to wait?

Doctors Care offices are all walk-in facilities where no appointment is necessary, so waiting times may vary and sometimes there may be no wait. Nevertheless, we provide top-quality, personal care in as timely a manner as possible. We also offer Online Check-In at all Doctors Care locations; simply register online for your favorite location, and we’ll text you when we’re ready for you to come to the clinic.

Do you treat children?

Yes, we offer care to children ages 6 months and older, and can refer to pediatricians or specialists as needed. For emergency pediatric care, please dial 9-1-1.

How do charges compare to emergency rooms or other doctors’ offices?

Doctors Care charges are comparable to those of other medical offices. They vary according to the patient’s insurance coverage. Our fees are much lower than emergency room fees, typically one-third the cost or less.

What hours are you open?

Doctors Care locations are open from 8 am to 8 pm, Monday thru Friday; and 9 am to 5 pm on Saturday and Sunday. Amended hours on major holidays are sometimes observed, so please call before you come on holidays.

Do I have to pay at time of visit?

Yes. We accept patients with insurance and self-pay patients. In almost all cases, some payment is required at the visit, whether it is a deductible, a co-pay, or payment for any non-covered services. The amount, if any, depends on the insurance carrier.

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes. There is a button link at the bottom of every page in to our Online Payment Service. Or click here to make your secure payment.

Do you accept patients without insurance?

Yes, we accept self-pay patients. Please see our self-pay page for more details.

Are any prescription medications available on site?

Yes. Some prescription medications are available for purchase on site at the time of visit. Save a trip to the pharmacy to get your prescriptions for as low as $20.

Do you see work-related injuries?

Yes. Treatment of work-related injuries is one of our specialties.

I am having trouble accessing my Doctors Care Patient Portal account. How can I get help?

Help for Patient Portal issues is available 24/7 by calling the support line at 877-621-8014.

How does Doctors Care communicate with deaf patients?

Doctors Care is committed to ensuring effective communication with its patients* who are deaf by providing effective means of communication through auxiliary aids and services free of charge. These may include note taking, providing written materials, relay system and qualified sign language interpreters. If a conversation with a patient is expected to be lengthy or complex, or particularly important to the care and services being provided, a qualified sign language interpreter may be required.

There may be other instances in which a qualified sign language interpreter is needed to ensure effective communication. If a Doctors Care health care professional determines, in consultation with a deaf patient and/or the patient’s family members or other companions, that a sign language interpreter is needed, arrangements will be made for such an interpreter to be present at the patient’s consultation.

If you have any questions about this policy, including any concerns about implementation of the policy, please contact your Doctors Care health care professional. To request an auxiliary aid or service, please ask your Doctors Care health care professional for an Effective Communication Intake Form and complete the form. If you disagree with the handling of your request, you may complain by asking your Doctors Care health care professional for an Effective Communication Grievance Form.

*For purposes of this policy, the term “patient” includes a patient’s decision-maker (for example, in the case of a minor patient, his or her parent).