As partners in wellness, Doctors Care Urgent Care and Progressive Physical Therapy work together to return patients to active, healthy lives.

Injuries can happen anywhere. Doctors Care is here for your urgent care needs, but remember that some injuries may require physical therapy for adequate recovery.

That’s where Progressive Physical Therapy comes in.

Arranging to receive physical therapy is easy with 20 Progressive Physical Therapy locations in South Carolina — many located right next door to a Doctors Care. Doctors Care patients needing physical therapy can receive same-day or next-day appointments at Progressive Physical Therapy. Our goal is to see patients promptly and get them started in physical therapy as soon as possible after an injury.

Progressive Physical Therapy services can address:
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Did you know?

Physical therapy is a cost-effective way to restore function and mobility, especially when compared to surgery. Physical therapy helps you to avoid high costs and the risk of pain medicine dependency.